We are (almost always) best friends that found the need to start a company and distract the hospitality industry – simply adapting to 2020 and all its curiosities. And by distract we mean to implant a rarely known hospitality concept to the European market.

Our focus is on both permanent and temporary projects in which we do represent our personalized incorporate & carefree hospitality.

Who is kusch?

About us

Born in the Engadin – probably the most amazing valley in the world – we grew up in different international environments, schools and corporations; learned in luxury hotels, experienced and lived in carefree gastronomy, adapted and refined as minimalist corporate identity.

In the course of 2019 we found our way back home and started our company during Covid19. You know what they say – no risk, no fun.

What does kusch stand for?

kusch is a simple combination between the owner’s names Kuhn & Schneider – in Swiss German however, you ask “kusch” as “are you coming” .. for a drink, or a dinner..

What does kusch do?

Our Work

The idea is to revamp existing hospitality concepts and create new ideas. All jokes aside – at the core of this is the thriving desire to offer quality cuisine with a cool attitude and a powerful pinch of emotions.

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